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Calculates and displays the framerate of a game.

To see how fast your game can actually go, follow these steps (from
  1. Pull down the project configuration combo from the toolbar (the one where you select Debug or Release), and click "Configuration Manager"
  2. In the project list, click the Configuration column and choose "<New...>"
  3. Name the configuration "Profile", and copy settings from the existing Release configuration
  4. Close the Configuration Manager
  5. Right-click your project in the Solution Explorer, and open Properties
  6. Select the Build tab, make sure the new Profile configuration is active, and enter "PROFILE" in the "Conditional compilation symbols" box
  7. In your game constructor, add this code:

    this.IsFixedTimeStep = false;
    graphics.SynchronizeWithVerticalRetrace = false;

Currently only for Windows, as I don't have an XBOX 360 to test on.

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